Storytelling with Kenny Salwey

January 4, 2017

Kenny Salwey

"River Rat," outdoorsman, and author Kenny Salwey will deliver the keynote speech at the Prairie du Chien Historical Society's Annual Meeting on January 12, 2017. Salwey lived on the Mississippi's backwaters for nearly 30 years, making his livelihood with the rhythm of the seasons and the river's plants and animals. He has now shared his experiences of outdoor life and the environment in books including Tales of a River Rat,” Muskrat for Supper, and The Dogs and I. For more information on Salwey's visit, see our feature article in the Courier Press.

The public is welcome to attend the Prairie du Chien Historical Society Annual Meeting at Huckleberry's Restaurant on January 12 to hear Kenny Salwey's stories. Please check the schedule and dinner reservation details at our event page.

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