History: Fort Crawford Museum

Following the preservation efforts of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the State Medical Society of Wisconsin opened the rebuilt Fort Crawford Hospital to the public in 1960. The society used the hospital as part of its Museum of Medical Progress. Two additional buildings were built for the museum by 1962, and the State Medical Society created exhibits to show visitors the story of Dr. Beaumont's research. Additional displays illustrated other events in the history of medicine.

In 1996, the Prairie du Chien Historical Society formed to take responsibility for the Fort Crawford museum. The society retained a strong focus on Dr. Beaumont, but also gave new attention to other events in the history of Fort Crawford and Prairie du Chien. During construction work near the museum in 1999, workers uncovered the foundations of the Fort Crawford barracks beneath the pavement of Beaumont Road. Experts from the Mississippi Valley Archaeological Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, excavated the site. Some of the artifacts they discovered are now on display in the museum. Today, the Fort Crawford Museum contains over fifty exhibits on Prairie du Chien, Fort Crawford, and the history of medical progress.